Custom Airbrush

This is a service done by a master certified airbrush technician. They can customize anything from making your legs darker, face lighter, and can fix any sort of tan lines that need to be evened out. From start to finish will take about 15 minutes with an appointment.


  1. Wait a minimum of 12-14 hours OR minimum of 2-4 hours (depending on which formula you choose to do) before showering, wearing tight clothing, or doing anything that would cause your skin to get wet.

  2. Results last about 6-12 days (some can get longer depending on how well they maintain it)

  3. Have the luxury to choose from rinsing within 2-4 hours or within 12+ hours!

  4. It's a custom experience, so it will have your skin tone a few shades darker start to finish! NO ORANGE OR STREAKS!

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