Infrared Sauna – Not your ordinary sauna!


                                                     The infrared sauna is very different from the traditional steam sauna.

                                            The infrared sauna uses infrared heat and light which easily penetrates

         body tissue. There is no steam –Tanning Sauna just soothing, deep

reaching, heat that is much more effective than the traditional sauna.

In an infrared sauna, for instance, the average person sweats out

7 more toxins than in a conventional sauna – yet the temperature is

60 to 80 degrees lower than a conventional sauna.

Detoxification – a recipe for good health!

 One of the primary benefits of the sauna is detoxification. Since

the leading detoxification health principle is that many illnesses are

caused by the buildup of toxins inside the body, many people

choose to use the infrared sauna to detoxify their body of

harmful, impurities. Working up a sweat in an infrared sauna

is the best way to do this. Our modern lifestyles are full of

unhealthy habits. We ingest lots of unhealthy substances in

an average day, from the preservatives in our heavily

processed for to the pollutants in the air we breathe.

The sauna helps us to rid ourselves of these toxins and

maintain good overall health. It helps boost our immunity as well.

Other Infrared Sauna Benefits:
The sauna has numerous other benefits and can help a host of medical conditions. It is particularly helpful for pain and pain management. Some of the diseases and conditions for which you can find relief include:

Allergies Fibromyalgia
Arthritis Heart Disease
Anxiety Digestive Disorders
Asthma Obesity


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